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What our Clients Say!

I used the KnechtionRepair® Tap and Die tool offshore on a platform refurbishment and upgrade project. It saved approximately $5,000 in materials and over 2 days of labor costs on instrumentation repairs and installation”. We were able to repair a large number of cross-threaded and ill-fitting connections in lieu of running new lines.

Matt M. | Nova Consulting Services

What our Clients Say!

I recently used the KnechtionRepair® Tool on a 3/8" Swagelok fitting on an oil line in the accessory compartment in one of our frame fives. Without the KnechtionRepair® Tool, I would have been forced to remove and rebend a six foot length of tubing. The tool made what used to be several hours of repair a quick, ten minute fix. I only wish this tool had been invented earlier.

James A. | Plant Operator, Rover.

What our Clients Say!

The missing tool has finally arrived. Repairing Swagelok® fittings is now possible with the KnechtionRepair® tool. No need to remove the damaged fitting from the machine. An all in one kit can repair the damage easily. A real time saver to say the least.

Rick Dukowitz, VP | Dukowitz Machine Inc.

What our Clients Say!

We wanted to take the time to thank you for the time savings that your special tool provides us. At Nexgen-AFS, we specialize with refurbishing industrial gas turbine fuel systems, both natural gas and liquid fuels. Typically liquid fuel is distributed to the combustion tips via high pressure tubing from a fuel manifold. The tubing connections are made from 300 stainless steel using Swagelok® compression fittings, which during disassembly/reassembly tends to readily gull and burr.

Mark D. Dion, President | Nexgen-AFS