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Happy 2018 Everyone!

This year KnechtionRepair is committed to giving back to our community – specifically our animal community. We are going to do this by donating 2% of every sale in 2018 to a local animal shelter, adoption, or rescue organization.

Our company name is KnechtionRepair (connection repair) and our business revolves around repairing industrial two ferrule compression fittings and AN/MS & JIC 37° tube and hose fittings. This year we want to expand on the meaning of the word connection and take a look at the way pets help repair our lives with companionship and love. So let’s hear it, we would love for you to respond to this post and share a story or picture (or both) that shows how your pet “connects” you to life, family, fun, energy and adventure – Let us know how your pet has repaired and/or connected you to life!

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